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Road Trip Recovery Tools

I'm writing this blogpost on the tail end of a long road trip. 6 hours in the car (with a 3.5 year old!!), we survived, we had a great time visiting family, and I wouldn't change a thing...but boy that does not change the fact that my body is angry! Sitting in a car for a long period of time, no matter how many potty breaks you take, can really take it's toll.

I thought I'd share some tools I have been using this week, since being home, that have slowly helped me start feeling better in my body again. No "affiliate links" included; they are all just things that I really love that I thought you might love, too.

1. 1 to 3 Electrolyte Drink Mix sticks

These drink mixes are added to a big bottle of water, and they are meant to "accelerate hydration". They are filled with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, and the taste is really light. In my opinion, they are a little pricy, but I'm happy to indulge after a long weekend on the road. These have really helped me feel ready to go in the mornings this week, and I would definitely recommend.

2. Acupressure Mat

I've mentioned this one before, but it is worth mentioning again. I purchased this mat during the "shut down" and quickly fell in love. My favorite spot is in our closet, in the dark, no noise. However you do it, this thing is the real deal. Perhaps too "real" to some, my husband thinks it is a little tortuous. It can feel a little bit prickly, but the neck pillow alone has earned it's money for me. I always feel better after lying on my mat.

3. Foot Alignment Socks

I don't wear high heel shoes anymore, but I find that even certain flat sandals can make me feel yucky if I wear them too long. I'm most happy barefoot, and if I must, then sneakers are really the best for me. So...after wearing dress sandals for just 4 hours, I was really paying for it. These socks are the BEST! I bought a pair over 10 years ago and use the same pair today. I usually just wear them for about 30 minutes, and in just that time I can feel my feet getting a little more stretched out. If you can keep them on all night, more power to you.

4. Movement

My last and final recovery hack-and maybe I should have led with this-is MOVEMENT. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever you got...but keep that body moving. And, despite what you might think (or be inclined to do), don't just stretch. Stretching feels great, but mobility exercises can help so much in recovery. What is an example of a mobility exercise? Pilates! Below is a 5 Minute Morning Routine that I shared a while back. Save this email and give the video a try when you have 5 minutes to move.

If you'd like to check out more of my on-demand videos, please just reach out for more info! I have several 20 minute videos that, once purchased, are yours for keeps! And if you give anything else from this post a try, let me know how it worked for you!

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