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Back-to-School: Pilates Prop Round-Up!

I've been finding myself texting clients links to my favorite props quite a bit lately. I sent out an email to all of my clients in 2020, sharing my favorite cost-effective pilates props for at-home workouts, and I think it's time for another Prop Round-Up!

None of these links shared are "affiliate links", I just truly love them so much. 75% of my clientele are Virtual Clients (Can you believe it? Believe it! Virtual sessions are awesome!!), and so props have been a great way to enhance the virtual private session workouts. These props are also great for doing exercises on your own!

  • Pilates Exercise Balls

This is always my first recommendation. I love the squish they have-they give you great feedback.

  • Half Foam Roller

Get this! You get so much bang for your buck-and we all have calves that need stretching!

  • Thera Band

There are so many brands and kinds out there. It really doesn't matter what you get, and if you have a yoga strap, that will work, too!

  • Yoga Block

If you purchased the pilates exercise balls, then you might not need the yoga block. I would either get one or the other...unless you really want to build up your exercise prop collection.

  • Foot Massager

I love how portable this foot massager is-so easy to bring with you anywhere!

  • Foam Roller (full size)

When you invest in a foam roller, there are so many things we can do with it in your session! Besides being the best shoulder-opener ever, there are so many ways to use the roller in your virtual session. Make sure to purchase the 36" option.

  • Pilates Magic Circle

The magic circle is fun because it is based on an original prop created by Joseph Pilates himself. Besides great stretching, if you decide to get this one, we can add a lot of challenge to your session.

  • 2 lb weights

Again, any brand will do. 2 lb is the best-and I would not go heavier than 3 lb. But if you're wanting to add a little arm strength to your workout, grab some light weights!

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