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3 Easy Ways to Take Action (like now!!)

This post is less anecdotal, and more meant to be that push you might need right now. I've told you why I love Pilates, I shared some ways to find your "why", and how to keep moving if you are short on time...but sometimes you also just need someone to *gently* kick you in the butt and say START MOVING!

We know we feel better when we move. And we all know it's true: an action in motion stays in motion, but once you hit that couch it is soooo hard to get back up. Once you fall out of that great exercise routine, it is so hard to get back in to it.

But you need to start.

Keep it simple, pick something, and just give it a try. My advice? Keep it like REALLY simple. I'm going to give you 3 ideas for exercises you can try out today-stop what you are doing and just do it now if you want. What's great about these 3 exercises is that they will serve as great benchmarks for you, to see your growth as you start to get stronger, too. And how's that for motivation, right?!

Anyways, pick one or do all 3, but choose something and start moving today! Each of these exercises is an isometric exercise, meaning you will hold the body in one position for a set period of time. Maybe start at 30 seconds for each, and then try to see if you can build on that time each day. If 30 seconds is too much, start at 15! The key here (are you getting it yet?) is to just START. And then try it every day and start to see progress.

  1. Forearm Plank

2. Wall Squats

3. One Leg Bridge Hold (if 1 leg is too hard right away, start with just holding a regular bridge)

You can try these daily and track your progress in a notebook or on your phone. It helps to pick the same time each day to do this; maybe after you brush your teeth or while the coffee is brewing. My favorite time is while my little guys is in the bath. Find what works for you. And remember-it's literally a minute (or 3 if you're doing all of them) do have time for this. You do!

Let me know if you give it a try! Let a friend know! Let's all motivate each other!

And if you need some other "get moving now" ideas, of course please reach out to me! Let's book a one-time session to figure out a great home routine for you. Or join my Tuesday morning mat class!

Cheers to movement-we can do this!

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2022

Love it!

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