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Small Yet Mighty-the Wunda Chair

If you are just stepping into a Pilates studio, you might not even notice this little guy at first. So demure. So unassuming. Almost cute. The Wunda Chair. But once you get to know might wish you never had. Ha!

Just kidding, of course. But honestly, the Wunda Chair does not seem to be the "favorite" among most clients, so I thought maybe a little blog post love might help.

The Wunda Chair was actually the very first piece of equipment that I ever owned, namely because it was the only one that would fit into my studio apartment at the time. And, over time, I learned to love the little guy.

I find that the Wunda Chair tends to highlight our imbalances and weaknesses...which is probably why we tend to avoid it;) The Wunda Chair is also a GREAT place to work on balance, which is something we all can benefit to improve.

If you are training for a marathon, or are an avid runner, I will likely bring you over the the Chair. There is so much we can do for foot and ankle strength, gait, and overall leg strength to balance you out. It's really pretty cool.

And if you are a pre- or postnatal client, I will also most likely bring you over to the Chair. This is where we can really work on pelvic floor strength.

One thing I tend to emphasize to my clients: when we are working on the Wunda Chair, there is so much variety we have with the spring strength. While on the Reformer, we are all mostly working on the same spring tension, but when we come to the Chair, we can really individualize the workout according to exactly what you need. I think I really love that feature the most.

There are also some pretty fun inversion exercises that we can play with on the Chair. And coming from someone that does not really like to be upside-down, this is such a great/safe place to practice this. If you've been seeing me for a while, I've probably had you give Pike a try on the Chair...and although it may feel impossible at first, you feel pretty unstoppable that first time you get the pedal to leave the ground. If you know you know;)

Anyways, all this to say, please give the little guy a try next time you're in. If you're up for a little challenge (and perhaps a little bit of a humbling experience, too), I think you might find space in your heart for the Wunda Chair, too.

Ready to book a session? Or maybe...but still not quite sure?

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