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Pilates for Posture (and mood!)

Take a deep breath. I'll wait.

Now roll your chin to one side, then the other. Feels pretty good, eh?

Now roll your shoulders back and sit up tall. Imagine a little string is attached to your sternum and pulling your heart upward.

Take another deep breath.

Don't you feel awesome?!

It feels so good to sit up tall. You can breathe better, your nervous system is more relaxed, and did you notice that other thing you felt? Maybe a little more confident? Dare I say, powerful? Or at the very least, more alert.

I loooooove working on those posture muscles in Pilates. Being a shorter gal (hi 5'0"), I've always strived to stand tall, and Pilates has definitely helped me to do this well. Good posture means your spine is being properly protected, and everything in your body will just function better. You're going to feel better, physically.

But good posture also shifts your mood. It is so cool how closely the body and mind are connected. And if we keep working on strengthening those posture muscles, standing tall and proud will slowly stop being something you have to think will just start to be your normal way of being. And how great is that?!

Maybe this is why when you leave a Pilates session, you can't help but feel a little bit lighter, and a lot more connected to yourself. And maybe just a little more happy, too, darn it!

Want to get a piece of this bliss? Let's book a Discovery Call (15 minutes, complimentary) to chat and see how Pilates could fit into your weekly routine. I always say that Pilates is one of the best kept secrets in the exercise world, but I am so happy to see Pilates studios popping up more and more. Fitness CAN be fun, enjoyable, and guys, you gotta try this!

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