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Golfing without Pilates is a Swing and a Miss

Summer season for me has always meant teaching a lot more clients that are golfing. Pilates is the perfect cross-training exercise for any sport, really, but I especially love helping golfers with Pilates. You see immediate results, in your body and in your golf game. And with the repetitive nature of the movements in golf, it's easy to "crack the code" on how to help you feel your best in-between games.

Pilates focuses on functional strength and length, which is perfect for golfers! When one of my golfing clients lays down on the reformer, I can see right away where there might be imbalance from repeating the same motions over and over. A 50 minute Pilates routine on the equipment always seems to bring their body back to a more balanced state. Every person is different, of course, but I do have a few of my favorite go-to exercises to incorporate in a Pilates-for-Golfer session.

  1. Bow and Arrow: This is a great exercise that uses rotation of the torso. In golf, you are rotating one way over and over (and over...) again. This exercises will hopefully bring you back to a more balanced state, and we might even rotate a few extra times to that side that doesn't get much attention during your golf game.

  2. Press Down Front on the Chair: Balance work is great for everyone, and you'll definitely benefit from working on your balance if you're playing golf. We can play with the springs to find a perfect level of challenge for each side of your body...and see if one side might be a little bit stronger. I love using the Pilates Chair, in general, for it's quick ability to compare the sides of your body and "peel back the layers" a little bit.

  3. Side Lying Leg Work: These exercises we might do on the Reformer or the Tower, but either way, we will work on strengthening the stabilizers of your hips. Swinging the golf club uses not only a strong core but also stable hips, and here's where we can take a better look at that.

  4. Wave on the Barrel: Our grand finale-wave! This one will be sure to balance out and stretch your will feel soooo good at the end of the session.

If you have no idea what these exercises are, that's OK! I'd love to show you! Book a private in-person session and learn how Pilates can help you feel amazing after your next game of golf! Reach out at to book a session or a 15 minute Discovery Call via Zoom to find out if Pilates will be the perfect fit for you.

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