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Building a Strong Foundation: Take Care of Your Feet!

If I were being honest, I would really name this blogpost "I'm wearing footwear that I know I shouldn't wear, but because I'm not ready to let go of my cute sandals, here are some things you can do instead to find some relief!"

Most of Fall and Winter, you can find me wearing sneakers, and my feet (and therefore my body) feel great! But...I just can't seem to resist a cute sandal once the sunshine peaks out...but with that (or high heels, etc) comes sore feet. And when your feel don't feel good, you really do start to feel the effect throughout the rest of your body, too! a first line of defense, I'd suggest always wearing comfortable, supportive, roomy-for-the-toes footwear. But if you're like me, and not quite ready to commit 100%, I'd love to share some tips and gadgets I love to help me find a little tootsie relief.

I put these little guys on at night time, usually just for 30 minutes or so, and they really help stretch your feet out after a long day. Our toes love to be stretched out, and these really do the trick!

This pack has three different sized balls. The smallest one is great for hand or jaw tension, but the other 2 are perfect for your feet. When it comes to massaging your feet, you really can't do it wrong. Wherever it hurts, that's probably where you want to work it out a little bit more, but you can decide the amount of pressure.

If you're been with me for a little bit, then I may have already convinced you to purchase this one. It is SO worth it! It stretches out your calves like nothing else, which will help immensely after a long day on your feet. Besides just stretching your calves, though, there are so many other uses for this roller. I'll link a short video here:

With each new season, we need to be proactive with our health. And for me, at least, the warmer seasons mean taking a little extra time to pamper and care for my feet. Let me know if you give any of these a try! And if you'd like to learn some other great exercises specifically for the feet, both for stretching and strengthening, reach out to book a virtual or in-person private session and I'd be happy to share some more tips!

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