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Welcome to Your First Pilates Session

Trying something new can be intimidating-and I know your first Pilates session is no different. In one way, trying a private Pilates session can feel maybe a little less scary than jumping into a class right away...but on the other hand, there is definitely no way you will be able to blend in, and all eyes WILL be on you, because, well, that's sort of the point.

So how do you get over that fear of booking your first Pilates session? Because you KNOW you're going to love it, and you KNOW you're going to feel awesome. So how do you get yourself to get over the fear of the unknown?

Well how about I tell you exactly what you can expect!

Before you even come for your first session, I'll have you fill out a short online health screening form. It just gives me a quick overview of your past physical health, and tells me about any injuries I should be aware of. You're always welcome to add anything more to the form you think I should know about, and hopefully we've already had a "Discovery Call" as well. When you arrive, I want to already know a little bit about you, so that you don't have to worry about remembering to tell me all the things.

I always tell people that the first session tends to be a little more talking than usual sessions. My main goals in this session are to familiarize you with the equipment, learn how your body moves, and work with you to set some goals for our future sessions. It really is a partnership, and we will work together in this first session to figure out how you learn best, what you are needing to focus on, and where we want to go.

In your first session, I'll try to give you a "taste" of each piece of equipment (or at least most of them-there are so many!!). And I'll probably have you try a few exercises that you think are way too easy for you (yay-celebrate that!), and then I'll probably have you try a few exercises that challenge you (yay-we'll go ahead and celebrate that, too).

Sometimes, especially if Pilates is totally brand-new to you, you might feel a tiny bit overwhelmed. I will try my best to help you through that, and please just know that that is so normal. The equipment is so different from any other workout method out there, and along with learning about new breathing techniques and moving in ways you didn't know possible (ha!) can be a lot in the beginning. Like anything new, it takes a little bit of time to start feeling comfortable, and then you'll be on your way!

If your first session is a virtual session, pretty much of the above will still apply to you! I love the virtual option (hooray for no commute!). One of our biggest hurdles in that first session will just be figuring out how to set up your computer so that you can see me well, and so that I can see you really well, too. Then away we'll go, and honestly it feel like I'm right in that room with you!

I hope if you've had any jitters about giving a Pilates session a try, this has helped ease your mind a little bit. I really am here rooting for you-and I truly want you to succeed. And I always want you to leave your session feeling better than when you started. The private sessions are such a big gift you can give yourself. Learning about how our body moves, and how to move it better can take time, but wow that pay-off is BIG. I really hope that you consider investing in your health with Pilates!

You can reach out to me at to book your own 15 minute Discovery Call (complimentary-$50 value). We'll chat about how Pilates might be the perfect fit for you!

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