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Mary's Top 3 Go-To Moves!
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"On Tuesdays, I have more energy than on other days.  I have noticed more strength in my knees, lower back and my core.  It is nice to be able to come to a sitting position from lying down.  It is quite impressive."

-Mo, California

"I absolutely recommend Marystar Pilates! If you've ever been curious about pilates,  Mary's classes are a great way to break into the world of pilates. I have learned SO much in just 1 year of working with Mary and cannot believe what a massive change she's created in my mindset around exercise and movement!"

-Patria, Gurnee, IL

"I have definitely gotten stronger all over since I've been working with Mary.  If you care about feeling your best, and gaining some muscle and confidence besides, take an online class or private session with Mary.  You won't regret it; you'll love it."

-Wendy, Highland Park, IL

"A friend invited me to try a virtual class with her. Now my best friend (who lives in a different state) and I meet online every week to do a duet together!! It has many benefits, including getting a unique and great Pilates session from the comfort of my own home!!"

-Jodi, Minnesota

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